What is Psychotherapy?


Before we tackle anything else about the topic, let us first discuss the word psychotherapy. When we look at the root words of the word psychotherapy, we get the two words psyche and therapy. Accordingly, psyche as anyone would know means mind our soul, and therapy means healing. As we can infer, psychotherapy means healing and nurturing the mind and soul, soul in this case what we are thinking and what we are feeling. Also, psychotherapy seeks to address a client’s mental and psychological disorders by using psychological techniques rather than by using medicine.

There are two types of psychotherapy, one is psychiatry and the other is counseling. When you want to solve the client’s mental problems with the accompaniment of prescribed drugs, then that is psychiatry. These prescribed drugs are aimed to solve mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, ADHD, and depression. The next  process mainly involves talking, and this type of psychotherapy is named counseling. The individual’s mental problem that needs psychotherapy is solved in counseling through means of a relationship counseling between the client seeking the therapy and the psychotherapist doing the therapy.

The one that can address your needs to seek remedy for psychological orders you may experience is aptly named a therapist, and he/she seeks to solve those problems through the use of psychological methods. A psychotherapist receives 4-8 years worth of schooling and training to be certified, and is also licensed and duly certified by a corresponding accredited body. A psychotherapist doesn’t necessarily need to be only a psychotherapist, he/she can hold other jobs and can come from other professional backgrounds such as being a social worker, nurse, mental health worker, doctor, social worker or counselor. But when you are seeing them for the purpose of psychotherapy, then they are obliged to provide you only that service and not any other.

For psychotherapy, there should always be psychotherapeutic change, and psychotherapists achieve an environment where this can occur by creating a psychotherapeutic relationship with the client. There should be an environment where the client feels comfortable, safe and private in order for this process to take place.

Another thing that is important in psychotherapy is the confidentiality between the client and therapist. The client should feel comfortable telling you his/her psychological problems, as well as his/her personal problems without ever having to worry that it will reach the ears of his/her coworkers, friends, and colleagues. Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZQ9kTwrvhQ to gain more info about counseling.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that the psychotherapeutic relationship is an active listening and speaking exchange relationship. Client and psychotherapist alike should both talk, and the client will talk about his/her problems to the therapist. In turn, the therapist should then help the client identify the roots of their problem, and then work on that to find out the goals and wishes they should accomplish.

In psychotherapy, you should not be afraid to seek due help.


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